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I subscribe to Google Alerts for articles about a number of topics including:

  • advance healthcare directives
  • aid-in-dying
  • assisted dying
  • assisted suicide
  • compassion in dying
  • conscious dying
  • death and dying
  • death with dignity
  • end of life
  • euthanasia
  • near-death experiences
  • physician assisted dying
  • physician assisted suicide

These are the subjects I will be blogging about under Talking about Death and Dying. I started this section with a list of Articles, Books and Videos I thought would be of interest and I’m open to suggestions to add to it.

For those who wonder what the difference is between “assisted dying” and “assisted suicide,” the former is used by proponents of the Death With Dignity law, the latter by those who oppose it.

“A May 2005 Gallup Poll indicated that 75% of Americans support “euthanasia” for certain patients but only 58% support “doctor-assisted suicide” for the same patients. Use of the term “suicide” was the only difference in the question asked. The Gallup Poll conclusion was that the use of the word caused the apparent conflict in values. Opponents count on the negative emotional impact of the term. Calling it “suicide” or “murder” conjures up issues with religious beliefs and legalities that have nothing to do with personal choice at the end of life.” –from How to Die Consciously


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