Government shutdown or assisted suicide?

So if I don’t get my Social Security check next month, I won’t be able to pay my rent so I’ll be homeless around Thanksgiving. If they cut SNAP, I won’t be able to buy any groceries, but I won’t have a refrigerator to put them in anyway, so there won’t be any Thanksgiving dinner, much less anything to be thankful for. If Medicare is cut, I won’t be able to have the surgery I have scheduled for next month, and, of course, I won’t get that conversation with my doctor about end-of-life treatments, but I can always voluntarily stop eating and drinking and starve to death in my tent in the forest… or will the forest be closed? Oh, wait, I forgot… it’s population control! This is how the tea party will get rid of us pesky undesirables… hope they don’t forget to budget for trench diggers to hide the millions of bodies of those they have doomed so the rich can have more and pretend it never happened. I just wonder who they think will clean their mansions, take care of their children, cook their meals, mow their lawns, clean their swimming pools, fix their cars, wipe their sorry asses, be there for them as they lay dying from over-consumption. So sad 😦


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