Questions about near-death experiences & near-death experiencers




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

Chapter One

Near-Death Experiences

*Nothing on earth had prepared me for the reality of life after death

Your Q&A approach covers every question that I had before I had thought of them yet. “Nothing on Earth Had Prepared Me For the Reality of Life After Death” was the most profound, insightful piece of writing I have yet found in all of the NDE books I have read. I know how impossible it is to put NDE subjects in relatable or fresh terms, but I think you succeeded. –RJ

*I wish I could have a near death experience

*What accounts for the differences in NDE stories?

*Difference between afterlife and near death experiences?

*PTSD from NDE’s

*Struggles after a NDE

*Difficult time getting over NDE

*Confused about NDE

*Difficult to embrace who I’ve become

*NDEr has revelation

*There are others out there

*NDE changed my life

*Reaction to anesthesia?

*NDE by drug overdose

*Childhood NDE

*I remember it like it was yesterday

*Why do some people not remember their NDE?

*What makes you decide to stay or come back?

*Has anyone ever experienced hell and came back?

*Did you come back from your NDE with a vision of the future?

*Medical professional skeptical but curious

*Organ recipient has NDE-like aftereffects

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