Questions about the afterlife and life after death




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

Chapter Seven

The Afterlife

…your site certainly came into my view at the exact time period in which I could not have needed it more. Thank you for your courage in sharing your story, and for the manner in which you decided to share it. –Patricia

*Strange things taking place

*Dustin’s Wisdom

He told me that “I am in the kingdom of the glorious state of my evolution.” He is very wise.

*He was fine one minute, dead the next

*Wasn’t sure I believed in an afterlife

I was searching through the internet on after life experiences and found your web site and read about your experience. I can’t tell you how emotional it made me. My father just recently passed away and your experience gives me hope that he really is in a better place.

*Talk to him every day

*Why hasn’t my wife contacted me?

My wife and I often discussed these matters and we agreed that whoever died first would make every effort to contact the other somehow. It has now been a month but there has been nothing.

*Afterlife knowledge

*Who will we be with and what will we do there?

*I believe in life after death

In the last week of my Mothers life she was talking to people up on the ceiling. They must have been in two places as she all of a sudden would move her head quickly as if someone spoke from the other side of the room and she was listening to both or all of them.

*Can deceased pets communicate?

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