Questions about suicide




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all your experiences and knowledge with the world. You see, you were partly responsible for saving my life. — Shawn

Chapter Eight


*I had a glimpse

*Teenage angst

I am 16 years old and have had..oh, about 20 suicide attempts. I am terrified of growing up and what the future holds for me. I am always saying “we’re all going to die anyways, what’s the point of me even being here?”

*I hate myself, I want to die

*Life has passed me by

*Suicide or prison

I have a friend who might be facing a very lengthy prison sentence and he is likely to take his own life to avoid this.

*Is suicide wrong?

*Suicide to reunite with beloved

*I’m thinking about suicide

*My son’s suicide

…you see he took his life in front of me and I couldn’t stop him. he took his life over a girl… now i feel that i have no purpose here anymore…

*My husband killed himself… is he OK?

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