Questions about what it means to be Spiritual, but not Religious




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

When I read your email, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. It’s like I always knew that but was afraid to think it because it’s not what I was brought up to believe. I’m so grateful to you for opening my eyes. –Marianne

Chapter Nine

Spiritual, but NOT Religious

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

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*Death tried to pull me out

*Looking for a sign of God’s plan for me

I began praying yesterday that God would reveal to me what His will for me in this life is, if I am not already doing it! I prayed that I would be shown, either a book, or by some means, that I would know for sure that it was a sign to me of God’s plan for me. Then, today I came to your site after searching for forums that deal with NDE’s. I saw Paul’s email to you about exactly the same thing! He too said he asked for a sign.

*How do I stay positive?

*Head falls while meditating

*The twists and turns of one’s spiritual path

*What makes people think they are somehow exempt?

*I’m so lost

I think my husband thinks I’m going crazy or in some mid-life crisis. I prefer mid-life awakening. I’m losing faith in my ability to find my own answers. I feel paralyzed. Can you help?

*Active Kundalini

*Do It Anyway – Mother Theresa

*Who are the Lightworkers?

*I’m one of those pretentious, cut-throat, social climbers and it’s leaving me empty

I have many questions that I need to unload and few people I trust that can shed light on, yet alone take time out of the pretentious, cut-throat, social climbing environment I come from.

*An Ecstatic Compulsion to Transform the World

*Why is it so difficult?

*Material vs Spiritual

*Evolving Consciousness

*What does the Lord think?

Where does Jesus fit in? It’s His eternal kingdom? If you do not believe in Him, where did you really go when you had your near death experience?

*How would you describe Enlightenment?

*Who Are We Really?

*Things that puzzle me

*Fear of eternal punishment

… but oh the fear when cornered with “eternal punishment for not believing and proclaiming Christ” …. Some “stuff” is hard to shake.

*Were you born again?

*Are you a Christian?

*Existential Angst in Islam

But the fear remains. It has affected my life completely. I am terrified 24 hours. My concept of God has become of one who ACTUALLY wants to torment us (well at least me) and will do it at any cost.

*These things really exist?

*Sikh gurus saw the light

* A Message from The Dalai Lama

*Knowledge has changed my life

*Obsessed with the impermanence of life

*The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

*How long between incarnations?

Does the soul take a new body in one year? Does it take ten years? How long does one live upon the subtler planes before reappearing on the earth plane?

*How should we deal with society’s criminals?

*I discovered something I already knew

*Spirituality and Psychology

*No one is chosen/we are all chosen

*Don’t you believe the mind can play tricks on us?

*I can’t imagine the soul lives forever

I can’t imagine that the “soul” could live forever. I mean, there must be an end of it. If a soul could just exist on and on and on… then what will happen in the end?

*The Spiritual Path

*There is nothing in the universe worth this kind of pain

*Struggles along the spiritual path

*Know Thy Self

*Does God love gay people?

I came across a website which said that Jesus Christ hated gay people and so did his spirit and I felt like ‘What is the point of living anymore?’

*Random or Ordered Universe? and other questions

*Life as light

*I am the way, the truth and the…?

*Science or Metaphysical claptrap?

Interesting story, but as a scientist & scholar, surely you must be seeking physiological explanations for NDE (e.g., release of powerful hallucinogens), rather than attributing them to metaphysical claptrap.

*I always felt like something was missing

*Instructions for Life

*Haunting dreams

*Can we crossover during meditation?

*I’m at a crossroads

*What did I experience?

I was in another dimension. I had access to my past present and future. An entity spoke to me using telepathy.

*I guess I demand proof

*I need to know…

*I have no direction

*Help ease my mind

*Science/Religion/Spirituality Debate

Mind you, this is faith and not something that anyone can prove! That’s what faith is about – trust. The closest “proof” for the existence of a higher being, I believe, is modern Physics’ multi-dimensional model with all of its many, many mathematical equations telling us that there is something beyond our comprehension! To me, God is infinite-dimensional: omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

*Spiritual confusion

*An Open Letter from God

*Understanding the Metaphysical Point Of View

*Is God a Moral Absolutist?

*You saved my life

*Kundalini Awakening

*I Have Lost My Faith in God

I have lost my faith in God and have no regard for him. I am looking for answers about life after death and not just some religious humbug but facts.

*Why does God…?


*Miracles often blow unseen through our lives

*Will there ever be peace on this planet?

*I just wonder sometimes… why?

*Lessons in forgiveness

*Existential angst

I have been trying to figure-out just what this is all about! It seems so pointless and cruel to me………there is untold suffering and bloodshed in this world (and no doubt on an infinite number worlds in the vast universe). This is certainly not the “work” of an “enlightened, all powerful being”, is it? And why? Why go through all of this to begin with? Isn’t it just better to never have existed at all than to suffer under such a maniacal and sadistic regime?

*Corneas taken without consent

*Is the Bible the Only Truth?

*Perspective – The Blind Men and the Elephant

*What is the Meaning of Life?

To face the challenges life offers, to build inner strength, to become fully realized beings both Human and Divine, to know thyself, a learning experience, to explore love from every angle, to live our purpose… more

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

is available exclusively on Kindle

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