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Chapter Five

Paranormal Experiences

*Out of control psychic #1

My first experience was after my father passed away in 1983. I was in my office and just felt him and Jesus (I wasn’t thinking of him at the time) in my office and had an incredible feeling of bliss.

*Out of control psychic #2

*Ripple effect

*I know they are going to die

When I see some person I “know “ that she/or he is going to die. During 17 years it happened 8 times. All the persons die in the car accidents or they made a suicide.

*Two angels were sent to help me out

*A ball of light above my head

*The motion detector comes on

Again I closed my eyes, and once again I felt the same sensation from the top of my head going slowly through my body, but this time the feeling continued past my heart and I felt like the hole in my heart was being healed. Again I heard the motion detector come on…

*Still not sure what is was, what it means

*An incredible force entered my body

*Traveling dreams

*Can we be in two bodies at one time?

Is it possible to be in two bodies at the same time and be aware of same? What transpired here? I know my dad’s parents were there and so was he. Was I in “eternity”?

*She’s not there! She’s here!

*I didn’t know such a thing could happen… to me!

*I met my father on the other side

*What does it mean?

*Psychic dreams

i am 17 years old. I have always had a fear about dying. i believe in god but it just seems so perfect. But a few years ago i lost my grandmother. we really werent close but she was still family. well about a week after she past away i had a dream.


*Strange experiences

*Kundalini vs. Psychosis

… i do remember being in a very dark place it felt like a cliff and darkness was all around me and this thing this ugly demon looking thing flies down and tells me that i will live for ever if i mate with it otherwise i will not exist anymore…

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I appreciate your willingness to respond to people about your experience and what you have learned. Your response put into words a gut feeling I have had for a long time. Thank you! –Scott