How to Die Consciously

My latest ebook, “How to Die Consciously: Secrets from Beyond the Veil,” is the result of a series of books and I hope the last of them. One can only rewrite so many times!

I originally wrote and self-published it as “Through the Tunnel: A Traveler’s Guide to Spiritual Rebirth” in 1992 which is now out-of-print. I wrote it during a time I was studying about the Greater Mystery Schools and eastern religions, (Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Masonry, Rosicrucian, Hermetic, Theosophy, Tibetan, Buddhist, Confucius, Hinduism) which were built on esoteric truths of the ancient past… that which was concealed from the average man and  provided insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm. Similarly, Jesus spoke in parables for the average man and only shared the deeper secrets with his disciples. Although I tried to tone it down, it was still very esoteric. Even as I was writing it, I knew I would have to rewrite it some day in more modern terms. Nevertheless, I sold or gave away most of the 5,000 copies I ordered.

In 2007, I began putting together a course to train people to be Transition Guide Trainers. I’d been a hospice volunteer for a number of years and felt something was missing from just being there medically and spiritually for people at the end of their lives. I had been taking care of my mother during her last years and got first-hand experience being a 24-7 caregiver. While I was working on my web site, she became interested in what I was doing but was rigidly ensconced in her Christian Science beliefs up to the time she died unconsciously in 2006. She did say about my near-death experience that she hoped I was right but still had a hard time accepting it. However shortly before she died, she had a brief moment of lucidity and exclaimed, “Oh, no. I’ve wasted my life!” I saw her smiling happily and doing the Charleston on the other side after she crossed over!

Toward the end, while she was still able to think rationally, she and I talked quite a bit about her life, her loves, her loses. Losing her daughter, my younger sister, was a turning point for both of us. She never got over that tragedy. It was her best friend’s son (they were both 8 years old) who swung the golf club that Bobbie was standing too close to. It hit her in the temple. She stumbled from the 18th tee down to a sand trap by the green where she collapsed and never regained consciousness. Mom had no one but God to be angry at for taking her child. Her death strained my parents’ relationship and they grew apart even though they had two more children to try to make up for their loss. Then he left her to raise them alone. So she had a lot of issues to deal with that she never dealt with before and we were able to talk about some of it before she no longer could remember. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to forgive or let go of her anger and so she took it with her into the oblivion that followed a stroke from which she never recovered.

I realized this is what “dying” is all about. Letting go of anger and attachments. Forgiving others and our selves. Expressing gratitude and love. Reconciling our past. Finding peace. We get so caught up in fighting the disease or stalling the aging process, grasping at straws as if we can cheat death, throwing money at treatments that might give us a few more days or hours, than suddenly it’s too late. We have a stroke or our body dies and we didn’t get to say I love you or I forgive you or where we stashed the insurance policy.

It was at this point that I realized the extent of my mission… my reason for coming back from the peace and love in the Light. It was to reassert that we don’t die… that “life” continues after the death of the body and that we can prepare ourselves for our transition so that our soul receives the most benefit from the experience of moving into the Light. It’s not about religion or whether one believes in God or not. It just is what it is.

And so I developed a training program to teach people a method of dying consciously that anyone can integrate into their belief system at any time in their lives because the truth is, we are all going to make the trip. It doesn’t mean one has to be awake or even conscious, although to fully participate would be the ideal, but to be aware of what’s going on when our soul leaves our body as it dies and transforms into a being of light… into the essence of who we truly are.

I trained a number of people who became interested as I was developing the training course and I marketed it to hospices and death educators. Guess what? They wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. They had their rules and their biases, and this was way too much over their academic heads and medical bastions.

I then focused my marketing to alternative therapists and healers such as massage therapists, yoga teachers, chiropractors, light/energy workers, ministers and more spiritually minded folks. I generated a lot of interest and developed a mailing list to which I sent a monthly newsletter… the problem was, none of these people had any money.

Now I have to say something about money. Apparently I’m not supposed to be able to charge for anything to do. People apparently think God is supposed to support me but the  big guy has apparently chosen not to because I’ve been doing this kind of work starting with my web site since 1996, that’s 16 years. People seemed to think I should give away my work and not profit from it even though it was costing me… oh, let’s be frugal and say thousands of dollars a year for internet, domains, hosting, software, printing, DVDs, etc. and then there’s my time… 12 to 14 hours a day for zip, nada, zero $. I was working ho-hum jobs, which is how I was able to get things started but the last 2 years my mother was with me I had to stop working outside because she couldn’t be left alone. Once I had to move her into a board and care home, I had ended up homeless and had to file bankruptcy. But did I stop helping people who asked for my help? No, I did not.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest… and will continue this another day.

Death and dying is my favorite subject

Well, maybe I’m exarggerating. My favorite subject is my grandchildren but I actually get to spend more time talking and writing about death and dying. It’s something that may happen to someone who dies and comes back, and wants to understand what the heck that was all about!.

I’m compelled to tell people about my experience and let them know that death is not such a terrible thing. Not because I think we should all commit mass suicide like lemmings, but because once you realize it’s actually a really cool experience and that we don’t really die, it takes the fear out of living one’s life to the fullest. And that’s what we should all be doing, having a great time while we have a body to explore and experience nature and each other in this strange physical world.

I started my website A Near-Death Experience Beyond the Veil… back in 1996 before most people knew what a web site was. It wasn’t too long before I was getting around 80,000 hits a month from people all over the world… from 140 different countries according to my stats.

My site became a resource center containing thousands of books and links about death, dying, life after life, reincarnation, different religious beliefs, end-of-life caregiving and related topics. It became a full-time (non-paying) job for me to keep up with the email I got from people wanting to ask their existential questions. Many said they never knew who to ask and then they found me.

Last year I put some of those correspondences into 2 ebooks because many people have similar questions and I thought it might be helpful to make them more public. “Conversations with a Near-Death Experiencer” contains dialogs about Near-Death Experiences, Death & Dying, Fear about Death, Grief, Reincarnation, and Suicide.”More Conversations with a Near-Death Experiencer” contains dialogs about Spirituality.


I’m not about starting a new religion or discrediting anyone’s belief system I believe we should always compare and contrast new information with long-held beliefs. If it fits, great! If not, throw it out. Don’t start a war over it just because you disagree. This is about my truth as I perceive it. If you’ve made up your mind and don’t want to be confused by other possible realities, don’t read any further.

My perspective is that of a human being who died and came back to this life with a mission from my soul to communicate knowledge I was told will be helpful to the evolution of human consciousness. For the past 40 years, since my NDE in 1971 at age 30,  I’ve been studying on many levels (from esoteric to scientific) to understand my spiritual mission as a human and to translate that knowledge received from the Divine into human understanding. Basically, we are here to grow and to learn, and to overcome our self-imposed limitations because we are more, much more than we have allowed ourselves to imagine. I am just a humble messenger.

My website and my books have been my means of communication and I will continue to write about them and that information on this blog. I hope you will join in when discussions are relevant to your seeking. I won’t engage with people who already think they have all the answers and just want to argue. I won’t pretend to be All-Knowing. If I don’t know, I’ll tell you I don’t know. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do have many resources I can point you to on my web site for your deeper seeking.

I have decided not to do any more public speaking or hold any workshops, do any more training or any private counseling. My focus will be on writing. I hope to have a new ebook ready for upload in the next month or so, and I’ll be talking a bit about that on this blog. And I think it’s time I did a major update on my web site, which I’ve neglected of late. I’ll be talking about my progress.

I will also be blogging about articles, videos and other related information that catch my attention while surfing the web. I will be writing about what’s happening with Death With Dignity laws, which I’m in favor of, and the attempts to block it. I may even rant about the latest political nonsense or other ridiculous things that go on in the world. You’ll find I can become quite cheeky about certain topics.

If you’d like to support my continued work so I can keep a roof over my head and gas in the car, please consider buying my books and recommending them to your friends and families. You can check them out, even read about 25% free before deciding to purchase. They are also available through other ebook retailers, just search my name for a list of my ebooks.

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