Questions about death and dying




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

Chapter Three

Death and Dying

*Life has no meaning

*Is there a way to communicate with loved ones?

*Presence at the cemetery

*Worried about my dad making it to Heaven

I came across your NDE story. I am searching for answers. I lost my dad and have great difficulty. I worry that my dad might not have made it to heaven. He was a church going man, but as far as learning about salvation, I am not sure whether he learned what he needed to.

*Part of me now believes death is the end

*What was Dad seeing?

*Is it possible to know when we’re going to die?

*My step-son died in Iraq, now my son is going there

*Family Bonds

*Don’t rock the boat

I’m a hospice volunteer. At one of our training sessions on end-of-life issues, we were told by one of the hospice nurses that we should never tell a patient or the family that it’s all right to let go. I was surprised by this advice and can’t say I agree with it. Please let me know your viewpoint.

*Is a visitor watching over my daughter?

*How to approach the dying

*I am struggling to even accept I am dying

*He dreamt that he would die in a car crash

My son told me a few months before his passing that he dreamt that he would die in a car crash but I tried to convince him that he was wrong, but he told me that he seen other things that had come true and even said that I wouldn’t believe some of the things he had seen, he wouldn’t describe them to me.

*Angelic choir

*Grandma was telling me no from the other side

*Transition Guide training

*I am not much use

*My dog is dying

My only companion and friend is dying, my dog Betsy. I have made several promises to her, and I think we understand each other. I promised no drugs and euthanasia, unless she were suffering, which she does not seem to be. I promised I would be with her throughout it all–I am with her. Should it really be her time, do you have any suggestions for me to assist her further? 

*How do I approach hospice to offer my services?

*Interested in helping myself and others make a graceful transition

*What was my Gram aware of in her final moments?


I just visited your site. And I am speechless. I have been reading through your articles beginning with the right to die. I am caring for an elderly grandmother who I refused to let stay in a nursing home. Just recently we started a journal of sorts to organize her memories and life. I continued reading on through meaning of life etc and the hair on my arms and the crown of my head stood up. I was moved to tears. Some how I wanted to cry with joy for what I was reading. I was so deeply touched by your insights some how you’ve articulated so many things I’ve felt, thought and sensed.

*Concerned about final decisions

*Letting go to the Light #1

*Letting go to the Light #2

*My father is dying

*Conversations about end of life issues

*Should your doctor help you die?

Survey of Parade Magazine readers, September 1997– “As we increasingly recognize the limitations of medicine, most of us believe we should be allowed to take things into our own hands, our survey indicates. Two-thirds of the respondents (66%) feel doctors should be allowed to help terminally ill patients die with dignity.”

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