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Near-Death versus Nearly Died

I’ve been involved with trying to understand and describe the Near-Death Experience since I had one on 7/18/1971, almost 45  years ago, and have seen it evolve from being called a religious experience to a psychotic break to hallucinations to confirmation that consciousness survives death of the body and proof of life after death. I’ve also seen it turned into something meaningless by people who could have been killed or nearly died or who had a close brush with death, such as this fish who had a series of unfortunate events–

neardeathNearly dying or even being resuscitated after one’s heart stops, is not a “near-death” experience as defined by Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life), who coined the term. What makes an event a near-death experience is becoming aware one is outside their physical body, still conscious, still able to see and hear what’s going on around them, with the ability to move through solid walls. Conscious awareness leaves the body and exists independently then returns to the body and remembers an out-of-body experience. Some people may only experience a brief glimpse and then their consciousness quickly returns to their body; some nothing at all; others may travel toward the Light, meet other beings, have multiple experiences in other dimensions, and be given the choice to return to their body. A brief flash or an extended period of time out of body, these are all near-death experiences.

There have been attempts in literature to explain these strange experiences, perhaps from psychedelic drug trips of the authors. I’d say from my own experiments with drugs trying to recreate my own near-death experience that Lewis Carrol probably did mushrooms (I saw all those strange underground people too) and Frank Baum probably did cocaine (I would compare it to LSD visions but it wasn’t around in 1900). It’s the shift from black and white to colors in Oz that make me think so. But not a one of them was comparable to my near-death experience.

1185114_825710760778035_1846995168_nI’ve seen some weird shit too that is very difficult to put into words that accurately describe what I experienced but since I experimented with LSD, cocaine, mushrooms, and MDMA (Ecstasy) 15 years later hoping to recreate my NDE, I have something to compare it to. I remember the details and the emotions I experienced during my NDE, but very little from any drug experiences even though they were more recent. The NDE changed who I am, the drugs did not. I have no fear of death since my NDE. The main thing I found is that every drug trip felt unreal, unnatural, bizarre, strange, not quite right, out of my control in one way or another. During my NDE, everything seemed more real than life on earth, like this was home, this was the true reality and I felt loved unconditionally, that I belonged, that I had done this dying thing before, and it’s all part of our spiritual journey. When I talk with another near-death experiencer, we know exactly what we’re trying to convey. We can finish each others sentences. But to try to tell someone who hasn’t been there is difficult.

I have to use analogies from the physical world. The closest I can come using a visual comparison to “seeing the Light” in the physical world is if you were SCUBA diving in crystal clear ocean waters, down about 50-60 feet… turn over on your back, become very still and look up at the surface of the water. In this crystal clear water, it seems like there is nothing between you and the surface, and you are simply hovering in space. There is no gravity or pressure on your physical body so it seems as if you are simply one with everything. And there is this light shining down from the surface. It is the sun, with rays of light that extend across the top of the water making it sparkle and twinkle like diamonds. Tiny water droplets form orbs that flirt about as if they might be angels. You can look into the light but it doesn’t hurt your eyes. It’s compelling, almost calls you to it; beckons you to join it, become one with it. And when we do, we remember who we really are and what we learned along the way.

And that’s what dying is about. It’s a welcome home after a sojourn on planet Earth. We just can’t re-create that with a drug trip. A drug trip can be a great experience or a terrible experience, it could expand your consciousness or shut down your mind. A near-death experience may cure cancer and heal a broken body or a wounded soul.

We’ll just have to wait until our bodies give out to experience that bliss and, really, drugs are an experience not a lifestyle… in the meantime we’re here to have fun, learn, explore, create, imagine, invent, play, learn to communicate, have relationships, help each other grow and thrive, figure out who we are and why we came here, so Earth remains one of the best places to live an occasional lifetime as a human along our eternal spiritual journey.

• • •

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Conversations about end of life issues with Diane Goble




Chapter Four

Death & Dying

Conversations About End-of-Life Issues

The following are a series of emails  from an on-going conversation I had with a pediatric ICU nurse over several months in 1999.

Dear Diane,

Thanks for writing back. It’s nice to have someone to chat with that’s on the same wavelength. Ditto about the lessons. We are all searching and if we keep an open mind the truth of the universe will be revealed to us. I have been reading Conversations With God and I find it refreshing. I am amazed at the similarity of thought that I read in the book and my own views. More amazing still is that the things presented by the God entity are word for word things that I have said and opinions that I share with friends and family. Not that I think I am so enlightened only that I feel it represents a much broader belief system. It is like the universal unconscious or conscious or whatever it was that Jung wrote about. I just think these things are widely held belief systems. Conflict occurs when humans stray from this universal belief and that is where the darkness comes in. We all know on some level the truth and we are like the salmon swimming upstream to arrive back at the beginnings.

So about my patients. I love my little “hemers” as we affectionately call them. That means hematology-oncology patients. Talk about huge lessons in a hurry. I think if you subscribe to the thought that we choose our paths, then these souls are truly great and distinguished. There is so much suffering that they must endure physically. Then there are the lessons again. Sometimes the mechanics and dynamics of the family pretty much tell the story. I had a darling little girl that I took care of named Mary. Her mom was extremely involved and knowledgeable about the physical aspects of the little girl’s tumor and in the techniques involved in her care. The mom spoke like a dr. to the dr.s, a nurse to the nurses, and not at all did she speak to the child. It broke my heart that there was not much of a relationship with the precious little girl yet there was an incredible bond with the child’s illness. The child’s tumor was not about to go into remission and remission was the only hope they had of getting the child to a place where they could do a marrow transplant. All the time I heard the mom say we can’t stop trying to get a remission because then the tumor will take over and she won’t get a transplant. All the talk revolved around the disease state and what the next round of chemo would be. I said to the mom what chance do they give for recovery with the transplant. It was less than 50 percent. I told her that transplants were incredibly difficult for patients to endure and a less than 50 percent chance wasn’t the best odds. She said there wasn’t any other choice. I got the distinct feeling that the woman was not so afraid of losing her daughter as she was of losing this illness. It gave this woman a way to interact with people in the only safe way she knew how. It was a technical cold relationship that she forged but anything closer would have been threatening to her. I saw in the midst of all this a woman who was most likely the product of a sterile unloving home. (She was germaphobic, too.)

Well I guess I have made a short story long once again, as I seem to do . At any rate there was a huge sacrifice on the part of this child. This mom had to lose a child to get into the place of learning how to build relationships. I wonder if the woman ever got a clue. The child had an explosive tumor growth and died quickly without getting a transplant. No dr. ever said to this family that the transplant was a long shot. No one dared to suggest that perhaps the most humane thing to do would be to take the child home. How ridiculous it would be to suggest that they simply hold and love their precious baby and tell her of a place where suffering is absent. That there is a place that is warm and loving as anything she had ever known. To tell her that it was a pleasure and a joy to share the time they had with her courageous spirit and all that they had learned from her brave fight. It gets easier and easier for me to express myself to these families and to these children. I know of my God’s plan for this world and that we mortals haven’t control over how it comes down. Come down it will, come hell or high water and we’ve certainly seen a lot of both of those things recently!!! Thanks so much for being there to share with me. I love you for that!!! Let me hear from you again soon.

Love, Penelope

Dear Penelope,

Interesting story about Mary and her mother, how people handle these difficult situations. She resorted to intellectualism and forgot to love. I think doctors hold out hope as a carrot to people even when there is no hope and wonder when someone will have the good sense to stand up and say it’s time to prepare for death. Human beings fight so much against death that they’ll believe anything.

I get letters from people who opted for the life saving surgery and their loved one died anyway, now they feel guilty. And others who decided against the surgery and the person died and now they feel guilty. It’s too bad death has such a bad reputation! I remember back when organ donation was becoming a big issue but everyone was afraid to ask, maybe someday we’ll have the courage to say it’s time to go home, how can we help you prepare? The right to die is the next big issue!

Peace & Joy! Diane

Dear Diane,

I have no special affection for physical death that is for sure, but I don’t fear it either and interestingly enough I find that the more one practices being close to spirit in trying times the easier it gets. I had another tragic and unexpected death of a child in our ER on Sunday and I took the opportunity to pray with the child’s grieving parents…

To read more of this fascinating conversation…


Kindle version $3.99

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Is there an Afterlife or is it just wishful thinking? –Diane Goble


Chapter Nine

Spiritual, but not Religious

What makes people think that they are somehow exempt?

Dear Diane,

While the topic of whether or not there is an ‘afterlife’ is all very interesting, I cannot help but wonder if this is nothing more than a case of wishful thinking on the part of those who cannot accept the inevitability of life’s end. It also raises the question of whether such an outcome (‘life’ after death) is even desirable. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the notion of ‘eternal life’ to be an abhorrent one, and by the way, what is the ultimate objective to all of this endless evolution of ‘the soul’ (whatever that is)? ‘Perfection’? ‘Oneness’? Does anyone know, and if not why not? Nothing in nature is half-eternal, and by this I mean that there is nothing in nature that has a beginning but no ending, so my question is this: what makes people think that they are somehow exempt from this rule?


• • • • •

Dear Paul,

It’s certainly a question pondered by many.

Personally I was quite comfortable not believing in an after life. My younger sister was killed when I was 10 and although I had after death communication with her I dismissed it as an adult and convinced myself dead was dead. I wasn’t religious, didn’t go to church, and was at least agnostic when this strange experience happened to me and it was so real, so amazing, so wondrous, so inexplicable, so loving that it profoundly changed me.

I tried unsuccessfully to explain what happened but I couldn’t find the words. Everyone acted like I was crazy, babbling nonsense. So I denied it and repressed it for years. Had it been a dream or wishful thinking, it never would have come back and demanded expression. Why would I put myself out there if it hadn’t happened? I returned to life with a mission to open others to the light that there is more to life than we’ve been led to believe… this was not where my life was going before this happened to me.

I’m not trying to force my perspective on anyone, just share what happened to me and let them draw their own conclusions… but I gotta tell you, I see a lot of miserable people out there in the world who think they have all the answers while I love my life. I live this calm, peaceful, serene, happy, joyful life filled with love and beauty, fully aware that while I may die at any moment, my life continues to evolve in other dimensions of a Universe that is so vast that eternity is not long enough.

What we “do” as spiritual beings in the afterlife is beyond human understanding but I promise you, it’s not boring (Possibility: As spiritual beings, we are co-creators of the physical universe). We are so far removed from anything resembling the physical dimension at this point that “life” as a human being is inconceivable just as “a being filled with the Love of God” is beyond human comprehension. We are energy, we are light, we only exist as human beings when we pass through the physical dimension… for a moment.

We are not human beings… we are spiritual beings having human experiences… we are in the world but not of it. “People” aren’t exempt, only spiritual beings are eternal.

Bless you on your spiritual path.

Peace & Joy!


• • • • •

Dear Diane,

When I wrote my little letter in your guestbook I didn’t really expect that I would receive a response from anyone to what I had discussed within it, but this is really a pleasant surprise – thank you :). You may perhaps have deduced from my comments that I am far too cynical, and a little too demanding in the level of proof I require before accepting something as a reality. The truth of the matter is that I am not really as closed-minded as that letter may suggest, and after having looked over it again I’m kind of embarrassed by it. Of all the phenomena which could be, for want of a better term, classed as ‘New Age’ (I hope that term does not offend you – I myself can’t stand it), the research results and/or evidence that has been gathered thus far regarding NDE’s actually indicates that there is, in fact, much more to life than merely this present physical existence of ours. This is a topic which should be discussed openly, without any fear of ridicule or derision on the part of self-proclaimed sceptics, who have their own ulterior motives for silencing debate on this, and many other, issues. I hope that my letter has had more of a positive impact than a negative one to this overall debate.

Once again, thank you for responding to my message and, of course, for telling me, a complete stranger, about the life-altering experience you had.

God bless, all the best, and bye….


• • •


This book contains emails from people all over the world who wanted to ask questions of a Near-Death Experiencer–

maybe you have a similar question and will find the answer you are seeking here.

• • • • •

Why am I having panic attacks over fear of dying?


Excerpt from

Chapter Two

Panic attacks over fear of dying

Dear Diane,

I am a 34-year-old mother of two, fairly healthy ( I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1987) I am a Christian and believe the Bible is God inspired and that what it tells me about death and dying are true. The problem is I suffer with depression and anxiety and with that, overwhelming thoughts of myself or family members dying. I feel guilt because it seems as though I have a lack of “faith.” I wake up thinking about dying and go to sleep thinking about it. I can’t do ANYTHING without thinking is this the day I will die? I am no longer working because of the panic attacks I have and I have a hard time being productive during the day because I am in fear all the time. I am under a doctor’s care and in no way suicidal. I am not sure of your beliefs (spiritual,) but as a Christian could your experience help me?

I look forward to your reply.


• • • • • • •

Dear Kate,

I suggest you read more NDE stories, many of them are by Christians, to reassure yourself. I’d guess you are like most religious people who accept what they are told but don’t really believe it. They will tell you to have faith, because they can’t prove anything, and that doubt is a weakness, but doubt is telling you that what you’ve been told to believe doesn’t fit– isn’t right, and should lead you to further seeking for the truth. Your anxiety and panic stem from fear of the unknown. Near-death experiencers have made it known. There is nothing to fear because we (the essence of who we are) do not die.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences.

The Bible may be God-inspired, but God didn’t stop inspiring, nor just start inspiring, 2,000 years ago. And there is always a deeper meaning in its words to inspire us to further understanding. This I realized during my NDE during which it all made perfect sense. I won’t tell you anything that can’t be found in the Bible– if you can draw the deeper meaning from the words. Kate, there is no death. Only our bodies die. We simply step out of them when they no longer serve us and go on with our lives in full consciousness, finally remembering who we really are, and that there is so much more to life that we simply forgot when we ensouled a human body.

We have a body, but we are not this body.

We are in the world, but not of it.

This is Jesus’ message.

He also said that we can do all that he could do… and more.

The best thing we can do, knowing that we may well die before we take our next breath, is to live life to the fullest in every moment. When our body ceases to function, we are quickly filled with the overwhelming, unconditional love of God and have complete understanding of All That Is. Yet there is little joy at that wonderful moment if we have regrets that we didn’t live our life to the fullest because we feared something that wasn’t real.

Learning meditation, practicing deep breathing, would be very helpful to overcome depression-anxiety-panic attacks.

Prayer is talking to God; meditation is listening to God.

You will meet God in the Silence of your mind and find the answers you are seeking. Knowing that you do not die and nothing can really hurt you, will help you battle the demons that you have conjured up from the religious dogma you have accepted. The demons are not real, only God’s Love is real.

Peace & Joy!


AmazonCoverThis book contains emails from people all over the world who wanted to ask questions of a Near-Death Experiencer–

maybe you have a similar question and will find the answer you are seeking here.





Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at


Chapter Ten

As a bonus, I’ve added two articles that I posted on an earlier version of my website,, under “Spiritual Lessons.” This one relates to my own spiritual journey of awakening to higher consciousness thinking and living since my Near-Death Experience in 1971.

The Challenge of Being Human

Awakenings are really rememberings because our Soul already knows everything. It is a challenge to each human being to remember that we are Souls having human experiences– awakening to our higher consciousness. All the struggle falls away… all the suffering, the grief, the anger, the mistrust. All the fear dissolves when we recognize ourselves as spiritual beings come here to experience the joy of being animated in the physical world.

An evolution of consciousness is the central motive of terrestrial existence.

–Sri Aurobindo

• • •

Read the entire article in

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

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Learn more about the author at

Journey of a Mystic – a spiritual awakening




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at


Chapter Ten

As a bonus, I’ve ended this ebook with two articles that were originally posted on an earlier version of my website,, under “Spiritual Lessons.” This one relates to my own spiritual journey of awakening to higher consciousness thinking and living since my Near-Death Experience in 1971.

Journey of a Mystic

 In conclusion…

I feel the more information we have about how the universe works, the easier it is to conceptualize things that are beyond our normal understanding. It gives us a broader frame of reference to help us make sense out of it and fit into our thinking processes so we begin to see it in our Mind’s Eye during our meditations. This is the Time for Science and Spirit to reunite.

Sometimes when you hear a concept explained many different ways, the whole picture suddenly emerges. It’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame, you need to step back and take a wider view. This is how our minds synthesize knowledge. We suddenly get an Aha! or the light goes on, and we say, of course, I knew that, I just never heard it explained that way before! We’ve had a sudden Realization, taken a leap in consciousness, and will find it easier to grasp other higher concepts that eluded us previously. It’s about waking up to the truth and no longer being seduced by those who seek to control the masses through fear and intimidation.

So don’t just take my word for it, I’m not asking anyone to believe what I’m writing is anything but the ramblings of a delusional mind. I didn’t ask to have a near-death experience 44 years ago but I did, and what I’m writing is because of it. I see the whole and understand it from a higher perspective. The difficulty is putting it into words that will awaken others. That is my challenge in this life. I’m just putting it out there as I see it through my life and death experiences, and hoping others will think about it, add it to their growing knowledge, and continue seeking Wisdom.

If you want to see how easy it is to change your mind with new information, to shift your perception, check out this popular illusion…


Is it an old woman or a young woman?

Look again.

Can you shift your perspective at will…

or will you argue for your point of view?

• • •

Read the entire article in

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

available exclusively on Kindle

Questions about what it means to be Spiritual, but not Religious




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

When I read your email, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. It’s like I always knew that but was afraid to think it because it’s not what I was brought up to believe. I’m so grateful to you for opening my eyes. –Marianne

Chapter Nine

Spiritual, but NOT Religious

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

is available exclusively on Kindle

*Death tried to pull me out

*Looking for a sign of God’s plan for me

I began praying yesterday that God would reveal to me what His will for me in this life is, if I am not already doing it! I prayed that I would be shown, either a book, or by some means, that I would know for sure that it was a sign to me of God’s plan for me. Then, today I came to your site after searching for forums that deal with NDE’s. I saw Paul’s email to you about exactly the same thing! He too said he asked for a sign.

*How do I stay positive?

*Head falls while meditating

*The twists and turns of one’s spiritual path

*What makes people think they are somehow exempt?

*I’m so lost

I think my husband thinks I’m going crazy or in some mid-life crisis. I prefer mid-life awakening. I’m losing faith in my ability to find my own answers. I feel paralyzed. Can you help?

*Active Kundalini

*Do It Anyway – Mother Theresa

*Who are the Lightworkers?

*I’m one of those pretentious, cut-throat, social climbers and it’s leaving me empty

I have many questions that I need to unload and few people I trust that can shed light on, yet alone take time out of the pretentious, cut-throat, social climbing environment I come from.

*An Ecstatic Compulsion to Transform the World

*Why is it so difficult?

*Material vs Spiritual

*Evolving Consciousness

*What does the Lord think?

Where does Jesus fit in? It’s His eternal kingdom? If you do not believe in Him, where did you really go when you had your near death experience?

*How would you describe Enlightenment?

*Who Are We Really?

*Things that puzzle me

*Fear of eternal punishment

… but oh the fear when cornered with “eternal punishment for not believing and proclaiming Christ” …. Some “stuff” is hard to shake.

*Were you born again?

*Are you a Christian?

*Existential Angst in Islam

But the fear remains. It has affected my life completely. I am terrified 24 hours. My concept of God has become of one who ACTUALLY wants to torment us (well at least me) and will do it at any cost.

*These things really exist?

*Sikh gurus saw the light

* A Message from The Dalai Lama

*Knowledge has changed my life

*Obsessed with the impermanence of life

*The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

*How long between incarnations?

Does the soul take a new body in one year? Does it take ten years? How long does one live upon the subtler planes before reappearing on the earth plane?

*How should we deal with society’s criminals?

*I discovered something I already knew

*Spirituality and Psychology

*No one is chosen/we are all chosen

*Don’t you believe the mind can play tricks on us?

*I can’t imagine the soul lives forever

I can’t imagine that the “soul” could live forever. I mean, there must be an end of it. If a soul could just exist on and on and on… then what will happen in the end?

*The Spiritual Path

*There is nothing in the universe worth this kind of pain

*Struggles along the spiritual path

*Know Thy Self

*Does God love gay people?

I came across a website which said that Jesus Christ hated gay people and so did his spirit and I felt like ‘What is the point of living anymore?’

*Random or Ordered Universe? and other questions

*Life as light

*I am the way, the truth and the…?

*Science or Metaphysical claptrap?

Interesting story, but as a scientist & scholar, surely you must be seeking physiological explanations for NDE (e.g., release of powerful hallucinogens), rather than attributing them to metaphysical claptrap.

*I always felt like something was missing

*Instructions for Life

*Haunting dreams

*Can we crossover during meditation?

*I’m at a crossroads

*What did I experience?

I was in another dimension. I had access to my past present and future. An entity spoke to me using telepathy.

*I guess I demand proof

*I need to know…

*I have no direction

*Help ease my mind

*Science/Religion/Spirituality Debate

Mind you, this is faith and not something that anyone can prove! That’s what faith is about – trust. The closest “proof” for the existence of a higher being, I believe, is modern Physics’ multi-dimensional model with all of its many, many mathematical equations telling us that there is something beyond our comprehension! To me, God is infinite-dimensional: omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

*Spiritual confusion

*An Open Letter from God

*Understanding the Metaphysical Point Of View

*Is God a Moral Absolutist?

*You saved my life

*Kundalini Awakening

*I Have Lost My Faith in God

I have lost my faith in God and have no regard for him. I am looking for answers about life after death and not just some religious humbug but facts.

*Why does God…?


*Miracles often blow unseen through our lives

*Will there ever be peace on this planet?

*I just wonder sometimes… why?

*Lessons in forgiveness

*Existential angst

I have been trying to figure-out just what this is all about! It seems so pointless and cruel to me………there is untold suffering and bloodshed in this world (and no doubt on an infinite number worlds in the vast universe). This is certainly not the “work” of an “enlightened, all powerful being”, is it? And why? Why go through all of this to begin with? Isn’t it just better to never have existed at all than to suffer under such a maniacal and sadistic regime?

*Corneas taken without consent

*Is the Bible the Only Truth?

*Perspective – The Blind Men and the Elephant

*What is the Meaning of Life?

To face the challenges life offers, to build inner strength, to become fully realized beings both Human and Divine, to know thyself, a learning experience, to explore love from every angle, to live our purpose… more

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

is available exclusively on Kindle

Questions about suicide




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all your experiences and knowledge with the world. You see, you were partly responsible for saving my life. — Shawn

Chapter Eight


*I had a glimpse

*Teenage angst

I am 16 years old and have had..oh, about 20 suicide attempts. I am terrified of growing up and what the future holds for me. I am always saying “we’re all going to die anyways, what’s the point of me even being here?”

*I hate myself, I want to die

*Life has passed me by

*Suicide or prison

I have a friend who might be facing a very lengthy prison sentence and he is likely to take his own life to avoid this.

*Is suicide wrong?

*Suicide to reunite with beloved

*I’m thinking about suicide

*My son’s suicide

…you see he took his life in front of me and I couldn’t stop him. he took his life over a girl… now i feel that i have no purpose here anymore…

*My husband killed himself… is he OK?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

is available exclusively on Kindle

Questions about the afterlife and life after death




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

Chapter Seven

The Afterlife

…your site certainly came into my view at the exact time period in which I could not have needed it more. Thank you for your courage in sharing your story, and for the manner in which you decided to share it. –Patricia

*Strange things taking place

*Dustin’s Wisdom

He told me that “I am in the kingdom of the glorious state of my evolution.” He is very wise.

*He was fine one minute, dead the next

*Wasn’t sure I believed in an afterlife

I was searching through the internet on after life experiences and found your web site and read about your experience. I can’t tell you how emotional it made me. My father just recently passed away and your experience gives me hope that he really is in a better place.

*Talk to him every day

*Why hasn’t my wife contacted me?

My wife and I often discussed these matters and we agreed that whoever died first would make every effort to contact the other somehow. It has now been a month but there has been nothing.

*Afterlife knowledge

*Who will we be with and what will we do there?

*I believe in life after death

In the last week of my Mothers life she was talking to people up on the ceiling. They must have been in two places as she all of a sudden would move her head quickly as if someone spoke from the other side of the room and she was listening to both or all of them.

*Can deceased pets communicate?

• • •

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

is available exclusively on Kindle

Questions about reincarnation, karma and past lives




Readers’ questions to a near-death experiencer at

Chapter Six

Reincarnation, Karma, Past Lives

I’ve been a confused Christian for 31 years and within a week of reading from your website I feel a newfound joy in wanting to understand the soul’s purpose, journey, etc. in a positive way. –Adam

*Is Karma fair?

*Do I have a lot of karma?

*Karmic debts

*Dreams of past lives

*How can I learn about my past lives?

*Trying to understand reincarnation

*I don’t want to reincarnate, life hurts too much

*Why did these monsters come here?

*Why do we keep coming back?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness

is available exclusively on Kindle

• • •

For deeper discussions by Diane Goble about

Reincarnation, Karma and Past Lives,

read her ebook


and the Evolution of Consciousness

• • •